website pregPregnancy is such a wonderful time of anticipation, excitement and wonder at what the female body is capable of, and a great time to take some photos and celebrate YOU in all your pregnant beauty.

Pregnancy shoots are done in the privacy of my studio, they take about an hour, and include shots taken in different outfits and semi nude (if you are comfortable with that). The best stage of your pregnancy to take photos is around 34 weeks, when your bump is big but the rest of you is still comfortable! But mainly when you feel good about having photos taken, so if you are less than 34 weeks and starting to feel a bit bloated or uncomfortable, then now is the time.


  • Photo shoot and 6 carefully edited beautiful photographs, in high resolution (print quality), on disc for $295.
  • I will take more than 6 photos and will edit 10 -12 for you to choose from. If after seeing your edited photos you would like more than 6 any extra ones can be purchased for $20 each.

Partners are invited to come too and be in some of the photos, they did have a part to play in this after all!!

Pregnancy/Newborn Packages

I have 5 different packages for combining pregnancy and newborn photo shoots that will save you money if you are planning on doing photos when your baby arrives. Please look under the Pricing tab at the top of the page and go to the Pregnancy and Newborn Packages page.

Belly Casts

Belly casts are a fantastic way of preserving your baby bump forever, and make an amazing prop to use at your newborn photo shoot where we can pop your new baby back inside the castĀ for a really unique and personalised photo.

Cost: Add $75 to the cost of whatever package you choose and we will do the cast at the end of your pregnancy photo shoot.

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Adelaide Baby Photos

Adelaide Baby Photos, beautiful photographs of your newborn baby, for you to treasure for a lifetime.