Older Babies

Newborns 3 to 6 weeks

Did you miss the newborn stage and your baby is now older than 3 weeks?

Don’t worry, I can still get fabulous photos for you! It will just take a lot of patience, a lot of feeds and quite a bit of time, as your baby will not be sleeping as soundly as they did when they were only a few days old and so they will keep on waking up throughout the photo shoot.

For this reason I only offer one package for this age as it is can become too stressful for your baby to go for too long. Your photos will be very similar to the usual newborn style and if your baby is still quite small they will be able to use most of my props and accessories.

The good thing with babies this age is that although they are hard to keep settled, they are usually gloriously plump and have nice clear skin and your photos will be lovely.

Babies 6 months and over

Once your baby can sit up by themselves bring them in for some gorgeous photos, it is important to get them in before they can crawl as once that happens they will get frustrated when we keep putting them back!

Babies this age don’t mind having their clothes changed so you can bring in a couple of different outfits and of course we will get some of those adorable naked/semi naked shots too as they are usually lovely and chubby at this age.

Bring lots of toys and accessories, and be prepared to dance up and down, rattle and shake toys and have a lot of fun!

Babies First Birthday

I offer cake smash photo shoots and birthday photo shoots at my studio to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, please have a look at the cake smash page for prices and info.


Studio photo shoot, use of all my props and accessories, 6 fully edited beautiful photos in high resolution (print quality) sent to you via Dropbox, 5 baby photos and one family photo $350.00

I always get more than 6 images and will edit 10 -12 for you to choose from,  if you want more once you have seen the edited photos you can always pay extra and get more images. Extra files cost $20 each or if you take all the extra files I give you one for free.


Beautiful prints are available for purchase for any of the above packages. Professionally printed on archive photographic paper, guaranteed not to fade or change colour.

Please contact me and I’ll send you a copy of the price list.

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