Chinese Families

chinesetopAlthough I am not Chinese myself, I have photographed so many Chinese families that I am now quite familiar with the traditions surrounding new babies, so I have created a package around those traditions just for you!

  • Pregnancy photo shoot at my studio approx one hour, 6 high resolution files on disc
  • Newborn photo shoot in your home (due to the 30 day confinement), including grandparents, approx 2-3 hours, 20 high resolution files on disc
  • 100 day photo shoot at my studio, 6 high resolution files on disc
  • $1220 (professionally printed photographs can purchased separately if desired)

100 Days

If you are wanting to do 100 day photo shoot without the full package as above, that’s fine.

One hour photo shoot, 6 fully edited beautiful photos in high resolution (print quality) sent to you via Dropbox, 5 baby photos 1 family photo $350.00

I always get more than 6 images and will edit 10 -12 for you to choose from,  if you want more once you have seen the edited photos you can always pay extra and get more images. Extra files cost $20 each, or if you take all the extra files I give you one for free.