Babies & Pets

Adelaide Baby Photos and Adelaide Pet Photos. Newborn and baby and pet photography by Janet Coelho.

Well you know what they say …. “never work with animals or children”

Well I say … “why not!”

As well as Adelaide Baby Photos I also have another business called Adelaide Pet Photos. I have always run the two separately from each other and they each have their own website and Facebook page and their own followers. However lately a lot of my pet clients have had babies and want to include their dog in the newborn photo shoot.

Being a huge animal lover, especially dogs, I totally understand wanting to have your fur babies included in the photo shoot, they were your first baby after all! So I’m now including a package for newborn babies and dogs.

There are a few conditions that need to be met for this type of photo shoot to be possible, your baby’s safety is the most important and difficult part of this type of photo shoot and there cannot be any risk of your baby being injured and so I will only do it if the following criteria is met:

  • Your baby is less than 2 weeks old
  • Your dog has been socialised with your new baby and is OK with the baby.
  • Your dog can follow basic commands to sit, drop and stay. The most important being stay.
  • If your dog/s cannot settle or I think your baby is at risk I won’t jeopardise your baby’s safety and will not pose the dog with your baby. If possible I will do a composite photo where I will photograph each separately and then join the photos in Photoshop. If that is not possible then I will take more photos of your baby on their own so that you get the full set of photos that the package comes with.

Baby and Dog/s Package $450

  • Pre-shoot phone and email consultations
  • Use of my outfits, accessories and props for your baby
  • Careful, detailed editing of images
  • Online password protected gallery for you to share with family and friends
  • Photos on my Facebook pages for you to share
  • 10 high resolution images on USB including two photos of dog and baby together and two family photos with and without dog/s.Adelaide Baby Photos and Adelaide Pet Photos. Newborn and baby and pet photography by Janet Coelho.