Cake Smash

So you’ve done the newborn photos, you’ve done the sitting photos and now already it’s coming up to the 1st birthday …. where does the time go, weren’t they only just born a couple of months ago????!!!!!!

1st Birthdays are a great time to get the family and friends around to celebrate that your baby is already one year old, and part of that celebration of course will be the first birthday cake.

Cake Smash photo shoots are a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s the first time the baby has ever had cake, and the fact that they can play with it, smear it all over themselves and wear it, in addition to eating it just adds to the delight in their faces.

And don’t worry about whether or not your baby will co-operate, because even if they are unsure at first, by the time we’ve smeared a bit of icing on their fingers and given them a taste, they love it!


First birthday cake smash shoots need to be done the week before the party if you want to have your photos in time for the party, otherwise we can do them on the day itself. The shoot takes about half an hour plus clean up time.

What to do before shoot

Before the shoot you need to send me a photo of the outfit that you want to use so that I can get a cake made to match it, and bunting to match. Alternatively I have several outfits that you are welcome to use if you like them and you can bring your own cake if you want to, but please make sure that it has LOTS of soft, colourful icing in colours that match the outfit.


Photo shoot, editing, digital files in printable quality for 20 photos, cake, bunting and balloons or pom poms. $325 or $345 if dairy or gluten free cakes are required

As above, but bring your own cake $285

Bucket Bath

I’m yet to meet a baby that didn’t love the clean up bath after a cake smash, so if you like we can add a few bath time photos to the photo shoot as well. $25 extra for 5 photos.

The Whole Package

Want a bit of everything? Family photo, 20 cake smash photos, 5 bath photos, cake, bunting and decorations: $395 or $415 if gluten or dairy free cakes are required. $355 if you bring your own cake.

Adelaide Baby Photos. Pregnancy, newborn and baby photography by Janet Coelho, baby photographer Adelaide, South Australia. First birthday cake smash photo shoots, twins.

First Birthday

If you would like to do more than just a cake smash photo shoot or do something different to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, I can do a ONE photo for you like the one below. This can be printed up to 125cm long and will look amazing hanging in your baby’s room.


“ONE” photo with cake, 15 cake smash photos, 4 bath photos and 1 family photo, $425 or $445 if gluten or dairy free cakes are required. $385 if you bring your own cake.
Adelaide Baby Photos by Janet Coelho



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